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200 If left Norfolk Street

and address not known, to be

returned to 1 Xxx xxxx New Bridge

25  Street

Mrs. Kennedy

3 Norfolk Street



My dearest Mother

We arrived here on Friday 11th. March

after a more boisterous voyage from the Cape than what we

before experienced although I am thankful to say I was

not so sick as previously. We were very ill off for provisions and

our cattle nearly starved from shortages of forage, however

our servants biscuit and rations. Very fortunately we saw a

vessel off Rottnest Isle which piloted us into Fremantle

otherwise we should have gone into Coburn Sound. I can

not describe the sensation experienced when we cast

anchor on an uncivilised shore after a long and tedious

voyage of nearly 6 months. I shall barely attempt a description

of the country which employment I hate but knowing

your anxiety I shall sketch a point. Rottnest to all

appearance composed near the shore of high sand

banks, in the interior small hills, with clumps of 2 xxxx

trees, as we approached the mainland the scene is very

striking trees of full growth within them branches untouched

by the storm and unpruned by man the tufts of rich green

on them gave to them the appearance of Joy, close by the beach

were several settlers huts composed of mud and 3 xxxxxx

tents, and sheep and cattle in flocks with here and there

4 xxxxxxx xxxx casks and goods from the different



vessels. In the bay were the Wanstead, Thomson’s Brig, Egyptian,

Protector and a great many vessels between 10 and 14 in

number. You may suppose my beloved family how glad

we were to arrive at our place of destination. Molloy

received a kind note from Dr. Simmons offering us

his hut and servants and much regretting his

being obliged to accompany the Governor to the South, where

we were expected. It was reported the Warrior from her

long passage was lost, and some boards were picked

up with W r r  on, much resembling the word Warrior

therefore our coming was thankfully hailed. The

Governor had desired a seat in his boat might

be offered to Capt. Molloy to convey him to Perth the seat

of Government, but no mention was made of me so

I would not let dear Molloy rest until he consented

to let me accompany him up Swan River. There

is rather a dangerous place to cross called the

Bar, a line of Rocks at the confluence of the

Swan & Canning Rivers with the Pacific, but it is very easy

in a calm sea to steer clear of it, we landed at the

Port called Fremantle, and I instantly proceeded

to examine the shrubs and trees, being the

autumn there were no flowers, some of the trees




are most aromatic. We rejoined the Boat and

sailed up an immense River. The Swan is

beautifully wooded to the waters edge with

both copse, wood and magnificent old

trees large ferns and rushes about 6 or 8 feet

high, in the water are very curious 5 xxxxxx resem

bling large brown 6 xxxxx quite transparent

and something like a 7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxx when they move or are disturbed by the water

Several white marquees and tents studded

the sides of the Banks, and here was a

torn 8 xxxx one vessel with 9 xxxx xxxxx page torn

large grey rocks which added to the variety page torn

we were out of one bay and into another all the page torn

which is 14 miles to Perth as we entered Melville

Water General Darling’s Range appeared in the

distance and we saw the smoke of several

native fires, it is impossible to describe the

magnificent wood with the boughs 10 xxxx xxxx

xxx and quite like a forest, remember the trees

in this climate are always green. We at length

arrived at Perth bearing no resemblance to a town

but many wooden & thatched mud houses scattered

about, the trees only cut to make way for these buildings

quite a thicket of low shrubs, Grass Plants 8 & 10 feet

high, Palms like one in a tub at Holbrook near the door a



large cluster they bear a scarlet cone containing kernels on which they fatten pigs

and it is also used for stock. Last Wednesday Molloy and I were in

our boat and but a storm coming on we were obliged to sleep 11xxx

the ground. What should I have once thought of this, but for Molloy

if I could I would sleep in the fire. The heat here is dreadful the ther’t

in summer sometimes 115’. I regret Mr. Besley refused the Bishropic

of Calcutta as he is to be Bishop of Swan River they say. I was

enabled rom the Cape to get two or three little articles of 12 xxxx thing done but

here is April and I have not a 13 xxxxx xxx to get the 14 xxx made. I am

sometimes very ill what with the shaking on board and the

extreme heat. Mrs. Dawson expects her confinement every hour

Molloy has taken a small grant on the Swan River on each side of it

consisting of 2500 acres close to Mr. Trimmers this is only as a sort of resting

place as our large grant in likely to be in the South as it is so much




cooler. We shall be about 15 xx miles from Guildford a market 16 xxxx xx xxxx

from Perth the seat of Government. We have very nice neigh

bours and it is likely to be the most select neighbourhood as

the Governor patronises it much. Abundance of fish and wild

fowl and excellent water I have already xxxx Kangaroo, Parrot

17 xxxxx Crab 18 xxxx they are all 19 xxxxxx resembling

20 xxxxxxx I have been staying at his Excellency’s ever since I arrived

but in a day or two go on a visit to Mr. Trimmer from thence

to our Mud Cottage or excavated house which ever we find will

be the coolest. Mrs.Trimmers servant is a very nice woman

and a capital nurse. As she had  21 xxxxxx affairs

Molloy is very well but very busy and often has to get up at

Daybreak. I have only just heard of the Protector sailing so 22 xxxxx

write to beloved Keppoch and say I would have written of them if their had

been a moment  that I am very anxious for the arrival of the 23 Xxxxxxx

xxx as there are none 24 xxxx get in the Colony. The moths got at my bees

and all died after I left the Cape. I have often seen the natives

they are quiet and very fond of the new settlers. I can 25 xxxxx

for the arrival of the 26 xxx When you can I wish Mrs. Calde

cott would send me out some seeds as they are always useful

Preserves also as there are no fruit at present. I lost Mrs. C’s 27 xxxx

on board 28 xxxx when I was nearly 29 xxxxx and am very unhappy about

it from a lurch of the vessel.  Browns Holland sewing cotton &

Ribbon the most ugly can never come amiss & of course we

will give you and order on Cox & Greenwood for the 30 xxxxx it

All the ladies are of the same opinion respecting Mrs. Byrne as those

on board the Warrior. Mrs. Stirling insists on being with me when I am

ill & 31 xxxx me Baby Linen 32 xxxx I have not made

up my mind xx Staples is very 33 xxxx all the servants are behaving



well thus forming a solitary instance in the

Colony for they are so much plagued with English

servants they have sent for Chinese &c. Cyder (sic)

or Porter would be the most acceptable if you should

hear of any predisposition in Jonathan to send his old friend

Jack any present. I hope in my next to give you an order



for a piano I will write by every vessel. My beloved family

you are ever in my thoughts & no one knows what my feelings

are when I think of the waves that roll betwixt us. Dearest

Doe will by this time will have joined his Regiment. Bye the Bye

I have not one particle of Lace with me & when I can afford

it will soon be giving Mrs. C an order on 34 Xxxx Xxxxx. Your

kind little bundle my dearest Mother brought tears to

my eyes as did also my own Mary’s Pattern Book which

I did not look over previous to sailing. To Eliza say every

thing most affectionate for me and my much loved George



My best love to the Birketts                    Mrs. Butlin

& Mrs. Caldecott & 35 xxxx the most 36 xxxx

believe me my                                       beloved parent

your most sincerely                                attached daughter

Georgiana Molloy

Perth Swan River

Western Australia

April 4 1830.



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