A Box of Memories

The workbox belonging to Georgiana is at Wonnerup House in Busselton and is a real treasure. Lots of possibilities for research on not only the box itself but all the items inside. The needle case which sits alongside the box is interesting.  I wonder if it has been repurposed to become a needle case. Is it even from the 1820’s because it looks like a resin production.


Can you throw any light on the needle case?

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2 Responses to A Box of Memories

  1. Holly Story says:

    I think the needle case is turtle shell which looks very like resin and was popular in the 19th c. I also think it was originally a visiting card case, I have one similar shape and hinged lid (in silver though) with a velvet lining that was my grandmother’s. Women visited each other and “left their card”. Georgiana wouldn’t have had much opportunity to use it for this purpose though ! Being practical I guess she re used it for her needles.
    Any thoughts out there ?

    • GM Team says:

      That is a good suggestion. There would be very little need for calling cards in Augusta or Vasse; Georgiana may have started using the resin case for a more practical purpose. I will follow this up with posting photos of Georgiana’s calling cards and her little leather needle wallet which are also in the sewing workbox. Thanks!

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