Georgiana – The big project begins

We are spending time undertaking in-depth research. Our aim to to provide a comprehensive resource for enjoyment and study. To this aim we are seeking partners in the film industry, publishing and education.

Some of these areas will be;
Georgiana Molloy’s brave and passionate life story
The history of settlement in Western Australia
The indigenous flora of South-Western WA
The history of botany
The social, political and philosophical issues documented during interaction between European settlers and the indigenous people of Western Australia
19th Century music, literature, philosophy and religion in England, Scotland and Australia

What’s great about this project is that not all of the diary entries have been transcribed yet, and so her story is still unfolding.

The suggestion to put up this blog came from our mentors as LAMP (Laboratory of Advanced Media Production). This was 1 of 8 projects to be “hothoused” at the very first LAMP in Australia. Here we recieved advanced training and were able to build a small experimental compontent of the future project. It was held at beautiful Encounter Bay in South Australia, though most of the time we were bleary eyed from long hours of workshopping. (Jennifer, Producer)

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