Georgiana’s specimens at Kew Herbarium

On my last visit to London which co-incided with Bernice our researcher being there (for other work for the UK education department) Bernice arranged a surprise for me. I had a few days R&R and thought that visiting Kew would be relaxing. When we arrived she guided me to the Herbarium so that I could see the building and I asked her to take a photo of me on the steps. She obliged but said she had more news for me and that we actually had an appointment inside.
We entered and signed in to then be escorted on a tour and a special viewing of the Georgiana Molloy specimens by the residing Australian Botanist.
It was a very special time and quite an achievement for Bernice to coordinate to make sure we were on the steps at the appointed time!
News for you; Kew Herbarium Collection is now online and you can see the actual specimens that Georgiana collected in the south west of Western Australia.
You can go to Kew Herbarium Website

type in ….. Molloy, G …. collector

and you will see all her specimens.

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