Leaving Rosneath

We stopped at Rhu (Row) to visit the place where G would have taken the ferry to Rosneath when she visited her friends while staying at Keppoch House.

View back towards Rhu from the old ferry path.

The road from Keppoch still you leads clearly from Rhu and along the old ferry path.

The track is surfaced now but little else has changed. This is the way that G’s carriage would have taken her down to the beach. She could already see the coast at Rosneath on the other side. How excited she must have been at the prospect of seeing her friends and enjoying their good company. Everything I’ve read about the Dunlops from friends, family and visitors tells of their wise, witty conversation, their kindness to everyone rich or poor and their warm hospitality at the manse.

As my shoes crunched on the beach stones, I looked over at Rosneath and thought that this was the first view Georgiana ever had of the place she would remember with such happy memories until the day she died, far away at Fairlawn.

I felt so sad to be leaving.

And that was when I realised that it would have been her last view of Rosneath too – as she stepped out of the ferry on her final visit, soon to begin a new life on the other side of the world. I cried, and wondered if she did too.

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