Letters at CRO

Here we are – a researcher’s dream come true – arriving at the Cumbria Record Office which is located within the castle walls. And then… you can’t see Bernice’s hands shaking, as she undoes the first package.

The first item is a hand drawn map of the Swan River Colony by John Molloy. It is such a treasure. We hope one day it will be sent back here. It would surely be put under glass – and there we were holding it! We realised that the extraordinary amount important archive in the UK, meant that it would not rate as highly as it does here in Western Australian

Bernice would not mind me telling you she was gasping and near hysterical for much of the time as she came across new items. I clicked away for two days straight and bought back the loot which we are now working on. Our hero back here in Western Australia is Patrick Richardson-Bunbury, a direct descent of Georgina, who is transcribing the extremely difficult letters, many of which are cross-written (to save paper and postage).

More on Patrick’s progress soon.


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