Mystery Item from Georgiana’s Sewing Box

Hope we can get some clues as to what this item is or does! Please let us know your ideas.

There are 4 items tied together with black fabric.

1. the brass dome shape with flat base

2. the brass hand, which may be acting as a key holder

3. the long silver black item with a flat base with criss-cross pattern

4. the coppery key-like item

The 4th picture below shows how small it is in comparison.

gm1 36 gm1 274-1 gm1 278

gm1 35


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3 Responses to Mystery Item from Georgiana’s Sewing Box

  1. The small brass dome with the flat base is a seal, used on letters etc.

  2. GM Team says:

    While researching the Georgiana’s gold locket we came across some information of the brass hand attached to the black ribbon. It appear to be a piece of “mourning jewellery”. The hand is often described as “the hand of rememberance” and the black ribbon would support this too. Did Georgiana bring it from the UK, in which case it may be associated with her father’s death as the most significant to her at that point or was it bought for or sent to her on the loss of her child? So far we have not found mention of it being sent or given while in Australia and so perhaps it is the former.

    • GM Team says:

      The brass dome with a flat base may have been used for darning. My grandother had a wooden one which measured approx 100cm across the flat base. The silver item mya have been a button hook for buttoning up ladies’ shoes.

      Hope this helps

      Noela Shepherd

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