the "work box"

The team had an excursion to historical Wonnerup House in Bussellton. Bernice, Drew and Donna having never been there, couldn’t wait to see the workbox we think belonged to Georgiana or her daughter. We hope to do some filming at this location later, so first scouted the older house for potential “sets” before going on the the big house to see the workbox.

The “oohs” were prolific. Drew had to take photographs without taking the workbox out of it’s glass case – tres difficult. He was on a ladder hovering over the box, surrounded by hot lights and unable to use a tripod. The box is exquisite and was donated by the Clifton family in 1971. Patrick Richardson Bunbury is creating a family tree for us, so we hope to be able to track the family members more easily once that is complete. In the meantime we welcome any branches of the family to send their details to be added.

The locket was almost impossible to film properly in a cramped public space.We wanted to take 30 pictures of it slowly opening so that we can animate this on the website. (As you drag the curser to the locket it will open.

We will have to arrange with the National Trust to get better access and do it under controlled conditions.

We also visited the Church, where GM is interred. The window given by John Molloy in memeory of Georgiana has been restored in recent years. It is stunning. Have to show you that too.

Mrs Delys Forest gave us an intro at the Busselton Historical Society and while there is not a great deal of Molloy material there. They do have some portrait prints and the washstand for Captain John Molloy.

We love everday we get to work on this project. But this was really special.


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