Calling Cards for Georgiana Molloy nee Kennedy

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The calling cards used in Britain in the 1800’s were very practical items for social visits. On arrival a visitor would provide a card for the staff to take to the host. This allowed the host to decide if they wished to receive the visitor at that moment or even whether they were deemed appropriate. In many ways calling cards served the social negotiations similar to ways we use the internet and telephone in these days.

Georgiana kept (in the sewing workbox) her previous calling card when she was Miss Georgiana Kennedy and then a card showing her new status of Mrs Molloy.

The card below was manufactured by “Dobbs” and the embossed border has the wording “Pour Faire Visite”.

Calling card for Georgiana Molloy


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  1. holly Story says:

    Exquisite ! I guess the acid test is if they would fit in the turtle shell case

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