IMG_2175 IMG_2166-002 Now that I have a wee camera, I took myself on a Sunday walk. No excuse any longer to call this the “pink ball blossom thing”. It was easy to google and find it is a native plant of southern Western Australia (but not actually in the Capes area). Hakea Laurina (commonly called Pin Cushion Hakea) is mostly found in a wide area from Albany to Esperance. So although Georgiana¬† would have delighted in it, in fact, she would never have seen this Hakea.

Name meaning: Hakea laurina

Hakea – after Baron von Hake, 20th century botanist;

laurina – laurel-like, of the leaves

My better camera does not let me get close to objects (grrr) and so I picked up a second-hand one for $50. It will let me get 1cm from a plant and at 12 mp it is a decent resolution. Very handy to keep in a track suit pocket. (Canon Power Shot SX200 IS).

This project is doing me a great deal of good already!

P.S. Without a lot of winter flowers about, the bees were loving the heavy blossom.


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