Jag Films

Jag Films is thrilled to be starting the first broadband interactive documentary, in Western Australia. Originally we intended to make ‘Georgiana Molloy’ as  a television program but when we read Georgiana’s letters and diaries, we felt compelled to make sure everyone could have the wonderful experience of having access to the dramatic details of her life. This database of material is growing into an amazing and valuable archive. We will also be filming dramatic webisodes and there will be many ways of interacting with the story.

Jag Films is an adventurous film company based in rural Margaret River – a place of beaches, wine and forests (and one of the 25 hotspots of botanical diversity in the world). New technology means we can make cutting edge programs and we pride ourselves on being “in touch” with the rest of the world. Jennifer Gherardi (Producer/Director) started the company, making in depth documentaries. The company is now collaborating with talented people and making documentaries for television, new media, 3D animation and drama.

Jennifer Gherardi