Julie Kinney Group Tour of Crosby Lodge

“Thanks to your research and assistance I was able to visit Crosby Lodge the childhood home of Georgiana Molloy nee Kennedy  with my tour group in 2012. As most of the group were from the south west I knew it would be of great interest as two years earlier I had taken some of the same people  to view some of Georgiana’s original botanical specimens at Kew Gardens Herbarium.
Crosby Lodge has been a hotel since 1970  and the owners Michael and Patricia Sedgwick  are really keen on the history and Australian connection of Georgiana and have books and memorabilia scattered about for guests to peruse.

I was able to book us in for drinks in the walled garden which is where it is thought Georgiana first developed her love of flowers. This was  to be followed by dinner in the traditional dining room. We all stood at the main entrance on our arrival and thought about life in those days before making our way to the front door. Everyone wanted to ring the bell to announce  our arrival and we were most warmly greeted by Patricia whom I had been corresponding with for some time and felt like she was an old friend.

We  enjoyed the atmosphere outside and sat around in the twilight discussing what each of us knew and sharing it with Patricia. Then we were encouraged to wander and discover. A walk through the wooded garden outside the walls and it was so easy  imagine Georgiana wandering and collecting primroses and bluebells in season. I suspect not much has changed since then in that part of the garden. Later the  formal large table we sat at for dinner made for an atmospheric meal and we wondered how those early settlers like the Molloys could ever have left the comfort of homes like this  for what they came to in Australia. Such incredibly adventurous and brave souls.” Regards Julie

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