The Silver Thimble

Georgiana Molloy's sewing thimbleGeorgiana’s thimble is a very personal item and she would have taken great care in choosing it, as it needed to fit snugly as feel just right. She would have used it constantly while sewing new garments for her family; not to mention the constant mending which was necessary. The silver thimble is in good condition and Georgiana would have kept it polished and shining.

Many young people today would not have used a thimble. In previous generations, hours of sewing by hand would have meant pushing the needle through the fabric thousands of times and result in sore fingers, especially with thicker fabrics.  The thimble was placed on the longest middle finger and was very ergonomic in allowing the needle to be pushed quickly and with some force.

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3 Responses to The Silver Thimble

  1. Holly Story says:

    Delightful thimble, and the stylised roses around the top are very arts and crafts ( William Morris ) or art noveau in design- see rennie mackintosh Gasgow. The dates of art noveau as a fashionable style are outside of Georgiana’s lifetime though (early 20th century). William Morris is late 19th. Also a bit late. So maybe I am completely wrong, or this was her daughters thimble or an very early example of the style, or I can’t see the photo clearly enough. Rosneath was her friend Helen’s home so maybe the roses commemorate that and Helen gave it to her ? interesting in any event, and very special, not a common or garden thimble at all ! I might have a cruise about the net and see if there are any others like it around

  2. Lovely thimble! I found a few years ago that there was an archeological dig on my ancestors’ farm in Rhode Island and they found a thimble amongst other things from the 1600s–thrilling to see it. Such a personal item. Lovely to see Geogiana’s.

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